The primary objective of the training courses is to focus on the strengthening of the system of lifelong learning for adults who are out of school and working environments and young people NEET(Not in Employment Education, or Training) aged between 15 and 24 years. To provide also to companies, with particular attention to those operating in services and tourism, an effective and operational tool that meets the needs of continuous training of the staff to be included in the new processes.

Innovative element of the actions is formed by the specific placement of training interventions in the context of reference, thought of as the main outlet for the updating and professional retraining of the participants. The purpose of the training actions will allow future workers to acquire specific skills and abilities, aimed at achieving recognized qualifications and expendable for the access in the labor market, the mobility in the area and more responsive to corporates demand.

  • Tour leader
  • Tourism assistant
  • Travel Guide
  • Receptionist and animation guide
  • Guest Relation Officer in the tourism sector enterprises
  • External relations officer in tourist accommodation enterprises
  • Officer for the planning and management of local tourist systems
  • Officer for activities of marketing and promotion of local tourist
  • Officer for the organization of services in local tourist destinations
  • Clerk to the planning of tourism and cultural heritage
  • Tourism programmer
  • Museum Operator
  • Course on Cultural Tourism
  • Catering expert
  • Hostess – Steward for fairs and congresses
  • Post-graduate Course in trade show marketing techniques
  • Relational communication course
  • Administration, accounting and balance
  • Relational communication course for Front Office staff- Public Bodies
  • Course tourism marketing of the resort – Public Bodies
  • Course for the organization and promotion of aggregation events – Public Bodies
  • Computer Basics
  • Safety Course First aid
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