The consulting and research activity is aimed at operators and public associations in the tourism sector and mainly consists in the realization of “targeted’ actions for the support and acquisition of operational skills and in the achievement of upgrading processes of local tourism policies.

L’ARFOTUR stands alongside local authorities, companies and business consortia to draw up plans for local tourism development and to develop new strategies for tourism and territorial marketing, to assist the development of innovative forms of tourism, to operate in the realities of local tourism systems and realize the DMO (Destination Management Organization).
The research teams are composed by teachers/researchers of Arfotur, permanent collaborators, as well as experts specifically involved in job research from time to time.
Arfotur has dealt with, from the constitution to today, research and development of projects about tourism marketing, environmental, territorial and training issues.


Projects presented by Arfotur

2001/2002 Together with the State Institute of Pasolini Milan and Milan FIAVET participated in the Project System called “Integrated System for vocational training and secondary school education in the tourism sector”, promoted and co-financed by the European Union / European Social Fund / Ministry of Labour / Region Lombardy. The objective was that of requalify the educational offer in the tourist sector of the education system and professional training in the Lombardy Region, in order to plan educational paths and focusing on the demand of the corresponding segment of the labor market; to facilitate the management of the business internships (companies/trainees and placement research) inherent to students; highlight the training needs of the sector of Lombard agencies (manufacturing and tourist intermediation) in articulating profiles, roles, tasks and skills, in order to facilitate the procurement and recruitment of human resources by operators, in view of changes in the production processes of the companies.
2002 Participation in the LEONARDO DA VINCI PROGRAMME FOR PROFESSIONAL TRAINING second phase 2000/2006, presenting the PILOT PROJECT “TRA. MA – Training for Business Management for the tourist enterprise in the social sector”.
2007 Presented two projects included within the Progetto Triennale Puglia about the creation of permanent workshops and the development of the tourist portal of the Consorzio Puglia Promotion.

Arfotur was a research associate of two levels included in the Strategic Plane of Area Vasta Lecce 200/20015 “A bridge toward the economic-social and cultural development”: the first called Integrated Plan for Tourism Marketing for the improvement of the attractiveness of the area and to the development of sustainable tourism in the Area Marina Protetta Porto Cesareo system which involves the Consortium of Municipalities of Porto Cesareo, Nardo and the Province of Lecce, the second called Integrated Marketing Plan for the enhancement of the cultural event “the Focara”promoted by the Municipality of Novoli.

In partnership with the Istituto Tecnico Commerciale Calasso Lecce was presented a project entitled Application of innovative technologies for the development of the tourism sector of Salento addressed to local authorities to promote the area, consortia and associations, Hotel chains, hotels and accomodation companies, tour operators and travel agencies, airlines, sea and rail, bus operators, Spas and wellness, Food&Wine Tourism, Parks and nature reserves, the Company services (representation, advice and support to the Meeting Points and Workshops, tourist-hotel management and reservation), Destination Management Organisation.

Speech on “The districts and local tourist systems in the Region of Puglia”, instructed by Confesercenti Puglia.

2008 Development Agency Gal Isle of Salento, Project “Development of the region through the promotion of natural, cultural and gastronomic resources”, Floor Leader 2007/2013.
2009 Scientific design interventions for the development of rural tourism Measure 313 Puglia Region, Floor Leader 2007/2013 for the Gal Valle della Cupa, Province of Lecce.
2010 Scientific collaboration as a component TTU Scientific Committee, SAC Project Puglia Region Municipality of Lecce Leader.

Head of the Scientific Committee of the Conference “Tourism, Education and Labour Market”. School institutions and operators in comparison, December 18 – ITES Calasso Lecce, under the patronage of the Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Education and University and the Province of Lecce.

2011 Rapporteur for “How to manage a territorial tourism marketing plan in Valle della Cupa area” – January 17, Novoli (Le), fire tent space workshop PSL VALLE DELLA CUPA “Opportunities and financing of small and medium enterprises”.

GAL LAGHI E MONTI DEL VERBANO CUSIO E OSSOLA (measure 313, Action 2, 2nd operation) as part of the AXIS IV LEADER Rural Development Programme 2007-2013 ‘Project for the marketing of the tourism-related industry”

2012 Scientific collaboration: Conference on “Tourism, Training and Labour Market” ITES Calasso Lecce – European Structural Funds, the new skills acquired during Internships in Europe, comparative experiences.
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