Alternation School – Work projects

Alternation School – Work projects

Alternation School – Work projects


Since 1998 Arfotur has always collaborated with tourist and business oriented vocational schools in the context of subrogation courses or vocational third level. The subrogation courses are part of the vocational area of the didactic program of vocational schools. They are two-year, aimed to the fourth and fifth year students and constitute the qualifying element of the address of studies at the conclusion of the examination status of vocational schools. The courses' program of a total duration of 300 hours held in two years is planned with the modular system. The fourth year deals with the base and transversal skills referred to the professional profile chosen throughout the course. The fifth year deals with specific skills that allow the acquisition of a professional certification after the internship, obtained in addition to the diploma that can be expendable in the labor market.

The offer of subrogation courses proposed by ARFOTUR is characterized by the following services:

  • Predisposition of a detailed training plan;
  • Provision of qualified and selected human resources (teachers and assistance experts);
  • Coordination activities monitoring and final evaluation;
  • Elaboration and delivery of targeted handouts for each course;
  • Ability to be agreed to make "short-term internships" at the booths of public and private operators present at the BIT in Milan (Borsa Internazionale del Turismo) and the release of a certificate of participation;
  • Support activities for internships organization (hosting companies accreditation);
  • Release of the final certification of the course according to ISO 9001:2008 norms.


  • Business planning and organization operator
  • Accounting operator in statutory corporations
  • Corporate websites designer
  • Corporate and personnel management operator
  • Quality system management operator for customer relationships
  • External relations operator
  • Cash Management
  • Accounting and general cash management expert
  • Marketing Expert
  • Fashion event organization expert
  • Social services operator for the elderly


  • Tour leader
  • Organization and support officer for incoming cultural tourism
  • Meetings and conferences organization officer
  • Incoming tourist services officer
  • Front office officer
  • Tourism services marketing officer
  • Amadeus GDS reservations agent
  • External relations officer
  • Tourist animator
  • Airport assistant
  • Tourism assistant
  • Business tourism expert
  • Marketing expert of local tourist systems
  • Trade show marketing expert
  • Marketing expert for farm enterprise
  • Travel Guide
  • Hostess for fairs and congresses
  • Tourism assistance services operator
  • Conference tourism and business travel operator
  • Cultural tourism operator
  • Operator for incoming internet services
  • Tourism programmer
  • Promoter of social and disabled people tourism
  • Tourism promoter
  • Reception technician in receptive structures
  • Local assistance technician for guests
  • Museum communication technician


  • Agent for quality system management in the relations with the costumer in the catering business
  • Dietitian chef
  • Expert of restoration and enhancement of local and typical products
  • Expert of beverage tasting and food pairing
  • Responsible for banqueting services


  • Expert of energy systems
  • Expert of technical support before and after sales
  • Mechanical operator for CAD CAM
  • Industrial plants maintenance technician
  • Technician for the monitoring and analysis of environmental quality

ARFOTUR provides, upon request, expert advice for the planning of courses in the third level of ​​specialization based on the training requirements developed by the schools.